Selection of the sermons of Father Ezekiel Oko

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Sermon for 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time in the reading year: B

The vineyard of God and my responsibility

Dear sisters and brothers, we have just heard readings centered around the metaphor of the vineyard. The theme fits well with the festival of Thanksgiving. Since we have already celebrated the festival in our community, we will not deal with the festival today, but we want to think about what the parable of the vineyard means to us.

The house of Israel is described in the first reading as “the vineyard of the Lord of hosts” (Isa 5:7), from which God expects good fruit. Belonging to God is seen here as an inescapable source of Israel's identity. Israel belongs to God and, if he remains true to his identity, he will be enabled to bear good fruit.

The history of Israel shows not only that man's relationship to God is the relationship of a creature to the Creator, but also that God makes man a cooperator and steward in the order of creation. This means that what applies to Israel as a people in the Bible also applies to everyone who believes in God.

We are the vineyard of God. You are the vineyard of God. Each of us is a vineyard of God. This means that God, the Creator, designed our inner being. But with that we have the responsibility to manage, develop and preserve his good gifts.

With our talents and abilities, with the strength given to us, with the ground we stand on, with the rays of the sun that reach us, with the grace we have received from God, we are a vineyard that can bring good and should. The question is, what should motivate us to be a vineyard that produces good fruit? I think it's mostly out of gratitude to God.

Anyone who calmly contemplates the care with which God surrounds us in his love for us will say to God: I will thank you, my God, through the fruits that I bear. For wonderful and great is your part in enabling me to bring forth good fruit. Even when I am sick, weak, old, or disabled, I can bear fruit - fruit of benevolence, of love, of forgiveness, of comfort, or of encouragement.

Let us come to God with these spiritual fruits that we are allowed to bear. Everyone comes with their fruits and can say to God: To you, my God, I bring as a tribute and offering: thanks, praise and honor, my effort, my trust in you and my renewed yes to you and your will.

Gospel of 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time in the reading year B;